Monday, April 9, 2012

I Love Cupcakes!

 I love cupcakes! Any kind of cupcakes! Chocolate, vanilla, spice, you name it, I love cupcakes!In fact I love cupcakes so much that I decided to make cupcake napkins! Yup! Twelve of them to be exact, Here, let me show you...
Aren't they adorable? I've done lots of sewing before, but this was my first applique project. I got the cupcake pattern from this book. I just used all my random scraps of pink fabric, so they all turned out different. I just LOVE them! But then again, I love cupcakes! Here is a picture of four of the different cupcakes.

 I did the "cherries" all the same color, so they would have something that unifies them.
The backs are three different pinks prints and the front is a very light solid pink.
I stitched them with bright pink thread.
The sad part of the story is that they are for my hope chest, so I won't actually be able to use them. But I guess they'll stay nicer that way, with no little brothers to stain them.

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