Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jewelery Board

Good evening everyone! I have been working on decorating my room lately, and this is a kind of cool way to store your jewelery, while being unique, and pleasing to the eye. My mom is actually the one that came up with the idea, although I put it together.

All it is an old tack board/picture frame. I painted it white, sanded it down, covered the back with fabric, stuck tacks in it, and hung my jewelery.

This side is for my necklaces. The fabric I used came from an old shirt, so here I used it vertically...

And this side for my bracelets, anklets, and earrings, I used the fabric horizontally. Don't tell anyone that I only did it that way because I was running out of fabric, that will be our little secret. ;) I don't know if you can tell, but the tacks all have little half pearls on them. I bought them at the dollar store in the scrapbooking section. Note: Your jewelry might not all fit on one frame. My mom is planning on having three frames for all hers, and I have the rest of mine in a small jewelery box. I hope you make one of these fun little jewelery boards, they are loads of fun to make, and when you need to grab a necklace quick, they are right there! Have a great night!

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