Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Past Weekend

So this past weekend I went to an event called Weekend In The Word with some friends and had a fantastic time! Before we were even done the eight hour drive to Foremost (I tiny little town in southern Alberta) I was regretting not bringing my camera. I did however still want to blog about my weekend, so I took a few pictures on my iPhone to share with you. Sorry for the poor quality, but like I said, they were taken with my iPhone.

I had never been that far south before (other than to go to Mexico, and THAT'S different) so I was surprised to see so much wide open prairie. I also was shocked to find out how windy it was, everyday we were there it seemed to turn into a bad hair day. But anyways, this picture is of the prairie, and it looked like this for several hours of our trip (I know, how boring?).

We drove down on Thursday and on Friday (Our first day there) they had their annual "Weekend in the Word Hockey Tournament". There was a Southern Alberta team, a Northern Alberta team, and a B.C. team. Now this was my first time at Weekend in the Word, but my friends informed me that Southern Alberta has won the past two years and our team (Northern Alberta) had never won yet.
The teams play 5 different games to determine the winner. In between games this Zamboni had to clean up the ice. I took this picture mainly so I could show my younger brothers, but I thought I'd add it into the post just for fun!
I'm not really a big fan of hockey, but it turns out my friends sure are! We all cheered really loud (I mostly did because I didn't have anything else to do) and got sore throats and scratchy voices.  One of my friends even went so far as to get her brothers trumpet out.... I guess it worked, because WE WON!

For Saturday and Sunday morning we spent the majority of our time in this hall. I was so amazed that such a small town like Foremost could have such a big, beautiful hall!
To  show you how beautiful it was I'm adding a picture of the beautiful dance floor that coordinated with the burnt orange panels (as seen in the picture of the hall).
Foremost is so close to the border that you can see the majestic mountains of Montana in the distance. I've never been to the states, so I thought it was so cool being that close! Anyways, after seeing this view, I think I'm going to have to add Montana to my "Must See" list.
When I got home I was delighted to see a package waiting for me on my bed!
It was the dress I had won from a giveaway on a blog. Sorry about the wrinkles, but this picture was taken at 12:30 AM after I had just been stuffed in a vehicle for eight hours and the dress had just come out of the package. The dress (from Shabby Apple)did however, fit me perfectly, so it was a great way to end a great weekend!

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  1. I loved reading about your weekend and thought the pictures you captured were awesome! The dress you won is lovely:)