Monday, February 14, 2011

 Happy Valentines Everyone!
     As valentines day is here, I become more and more aware of the couples everywhere. It's hard to be content holding out for you special someone when you walk into stores and see all the hearts and chocolates. It's even worse when you know you won't get any, but trust me. The wait is going to be worth it. Here is a paper I wrote for L.A. a while back. I encourage you young single ladies to read it for encouragement, on this love filled day.

       When you walk down the street and see young unmarried couples all around you , how does it make you feel? Happy? Excited? Sad? Jealous? Well, it makes me feel disappointed. Even more so if they are Christians, all caught up in this dating thing. As Christians we are supposed to be an example to others. Please, take a moment a reconsider your beliefs and reasoning on this thing called dating, it may save you a broken heart.
     When a young lady starts dating at the age of fourteen, what are her motives? What could her reasoning possibly be? Isn't dating when you enter into a relationship with a man looking for a spouse? You can't tell me that a fourteen-year-old girl could possibly be looking for a husband. I encourage you to challenge your motives for dating. Are you doing it just to feel loved and accepted? Is God not enough to fill that void? 
     Now I must ask, have you ever dreamed of marrying a man whom has never loved another woman? I sure have. I'd love to be his one and only. It's so exciting to think about, being the only one! Now, lets think then. It would only be fair to him that he is your one and only. Let's hold out for that one man. Think about it, no regrets and no broken heart! Love is a choice. Choose to wait!
     So now your probably thinking, "Okay so I shouldn't date till I'm ready to get married, and I should only love one man, but how do I do that?" Well, I am a full out believer in parents helping you to protect and guide your heart. Your parents know you better than anyone else, have a had practice picking out a spouse, and want the best for you. And why wouldn't they want the best for you? They have spent years raising you and training you to be the wonderful lady you are today. I am sure that they would only want there precious daughter to have the best and be treated the best. Okay, I know it sounds like I want you to have an arranged marriage, but I do think you should be able to pick out your spouse, I just think that your parents should have a large say in whom you pick.
     Now many young men will walk into your life, but until you know for sure (and yes, your parents agree) that you are ready to marry, I encourage you to refrain from dating. It could only cause heartbreak. So when you are ready to marry, only date men whom you would really, truly, and seriously consider marrying. When I said to "date" What I really meant was to befriend and evaluate. This way, when you find really special someone, you can fall into a perfect 1 Corinthians 13 love. A love that has no regrets, a love for one man, a pure love.
     I am praying, that you have learned something by reading this. I want you to know that I think you should never settle for anything but the best. Find someone who respects you and your beliefs. Find a man who wants the best for you and treats you right. Do the same for him. No man should ever, ever force you to do something that is wrong. My Challenge for you is to look to the bible on topics such as dating, marriage, love, and purity. Trust me, God wants only the best for you. 

     If you have read this and are still feeling those valentines day blues, I want you to do something. I have been doing it as well these past few days, and it's really fun. Imagine, that your perfect heavenly Father gives you a valentine. Remember, he loves you more than you can comprehend and thinks the world of you. Last year I was babysitting a young girl just after valentines, on her dresser was a valentines card from her father. Inside he had written her a poem telling her how special she was and how much he adored her. If an earthly father gives his daughter something so special, what do you think your heavenly Father would give you? Here is what I came up with for me:
Note: conversation heart are my favorite. Also just for the fun of it, and to confirm what dating is, here is what wikpedia has to say on dating.

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